ACOEM Work Fitness & Disability Section (and ACOEM member-friends)

Welcome! This private and moderated e-group is open to all ACOEM members ESPECIALLY those in the Work Fitness and Disability Section. We hope you will join our section. You can pay your $25 section dues by calling ACOEM at 847-818-1800.

We use this list-serv to discuss issues pertaining to work capacity and fitness evaluation, work disability prevention and management, and also to conduct WFD Section and ACOEM affairs.  It also helps us build a sense of community and collegiality.  For rules and reminders for how to do things, see NOTES below, and the footer at the bottom of every message. .

ACOEM's Work Fitness and Dis/Ability Section:

1. Supports the development of special expertise among ACOEM members by providing education, training, and mentoring in all aspects of impairment and work disability. This includes patient assessment and management, as well as outcomes management techniques for dis/ability prevention, mitigation, and return-to-work planning. It also includes understanding dis/ability policy and plan design, organizational dynamics, and how to work with all involved parties.
2. Provides expertise to ACOEM for communication with others about how occupational medicine physicians can assist others by assessing impairment and mitigating work disability in individuals whose illness or injury has temporarily or permanently affected their ability to work, or whose fitness for a particular type of work is unclear.
3. Advocates for the inclusion of functional outcomes as a way to demonstrate the effectiveness of medical care for all specialties.
4. Advocates for the continued development and expanded use of standardized guidelines, methods and technology in order to improve the consistency, accuracy, fairness, and usefulness of physician evaluations and opinions regarding work fitness, work disability and/or impairment


(1) Please remember that nothing we do using this list-serv and its associated website can ever be REALLY private (since stuff can be copied, pasted, and forwarded).  So write as though your comments will appear in the New York Times or on Fox News -- because they might!  

(2) All opinions and communications by members of this e-group reflect their views and opinions only, and are not necessarily representative of all members or of the official position of the College.

(3) Messages are automatically sent to the moderator for review and "quality assurance" before being released to the entire group.  Moderator enforces group rules (no rudeness, vitriol, blatant self-promotion, irrelevancy, or similar inappropriate stuff is allowed). Moderator review often includes spell checking, formatting, and other text editing (our Humiliation Prevention Services).  The moderator will return postings for clarification when necessary, and reserves the right to refuse any posting, 

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